Monday, 13 July 2015

Writing journeys...Back on Track creative writing group

Two groups of writers have been using the written word to take a voyage of discovery, starting by exploring their hopes and fears as they set out on their journey together.
Packing their imaginary bags, they looked at the things in their lives that feel indispensable, and then found out what it’s like for those things to belong to them!  Writing can get to what we didn’t know we knew!  And as one group member wrote afterwards, “it’s really good to find things out”.  Other participants commented that they’d found the session ‘thoroughly enjoyable’, ‘interesting’ and ‘helpful’.

In our second meeting the group used maps for inspiration to create landscapes and special destinations. Group members travelled across mountains, down rivers, and along roads. Some had breath-taking encounters with nature, one an adventure in a mysterious disappearing house, and others trod gently in quiet contemplation. Wherever they went it was where they chose to be, and they also chose whether they wanted to share their written experiences or keep them private.  Writing can be revealing and empowering when we let ourselves write freely and openly. Talk turned to our life journeys, what is challenging and what is helpful. Group members said that they “liked the interaction” and “loved the experience”. 

I can’t wait to find out where writing will take us next week . . .

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