Monday, 20 July 2015

Mosaic workshop...

This is our penultimate mosaic workshop from the 6 week Mosaic Masterclass and as you can see we have some beautiful work being produced. Some participants chose to design and produce a beautiful hand made decorative tile and others chose to design and produce a beautiful decorative vase. 

All group members have come such a long way and have learnt valuable skills in the designing and making of mosaic artwork. Some have bought their own tools and so they can continue to work with ceramic tiles and the tools correctly to produce creative art work at home. One member was saying how much they were loving the sessions and couldn't wait to carry on this work at home. Others said how pleased with their work and are excited to see their work in their own homes. One member mentioned how they had received praise by family and friends. 

The sessions go so quickly and we have great fun, I will be sad to see the sessions end but excited to see the finished work.  Photographs to follow our last session.

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