Wednesday, 18 March 2015

You can cut the atmosphere in here with a knife...

Week 6

So this week we explore how we convey tension in a scene.  My two favourite things that always happens in this workshop are
         1.  I set up a scene at airport security and give the actors a script and a suitcase.  Neither actor knows what is in the suitcase before the scene begins.  It’s always amusing watching them both try to keep a straight face as the suitcase is opened to reveal what neither was expecting

2      2. We repeat the exact same dialogue in a scene a number of times, but change how much tension we add into the scene – changing body language, tone and timing.  Everyone is always amazed how very different the same dialogue can feel when injected with a different level of tension

But one of the best things to happen this week was watching one of our participants do something amazing.  This particular participants has been a little reluctant to perform from the start. This week however something different happened.  When asked who wants a part her hand went straight up. And the performance she gave was stunning.  It’s always great when you see drama do it’s magic, when someone who was once, shy and reluctant to perform suddenly finds the confidence to take to the stage.  I never name people in my blog, but you know who you are – and seriously, well done – your performance was BRILLIANT

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