Wednesday, 11 February 2015

I saw this and thought of you...

Week two 
Objects are great for telling stories.  Try it.  Just grab something out of your pocket right now and I bet you can tell a story about that object.  Where you got it, what it means to you, who it reminds you of.  Even that receipt for the cheese sandwich from Asda will have a story – the massive queue that ate into your dinner hour, the rude shop assistant, and the price of cheese sandwiches these days!

So this is how we created theatre this week – By picking an object and telling a story.  And what great stories we got.  From wrestlers to love and romance in Paris; from missing dogs to monkeys turned into cuddly toys by witches and sold in the zoo gift shop.

This week saw people start setting themselves new challenges with one participant saying

“I’m good at thinking of the story but what I really want to start doing is acting it out.  Being more confident with actions and moving on the stage”

Another said

“I try to tell too much.  I go off on one.  I need to just stick to the story”

This is often the case – people fear that they wouldn’t have enough to say if the were asked to create a story.  Once people get going though, there’s often no stopping them – and the challenge becomes what not to say.

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