Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Confidence building using drama: HEADS OR TALES

Heads or tales.Two sides of the same coin.Two sides of the same story.  That’s the theme of our next ten weeks.  Telling the different sides of story.  And anyone who has kids or worked with kids knows that there can be many sides to the same story.

The main focus of today however, was showing the group how easy it actually is to tell and perform a story.  Within minutes(using a dodgy card trick and an electric shock pen), every member of the group had done a mini performance without even realising it. After this, there was no stopping the group.  It was like a story factory.The best bit though was the last 45 minutes.  Both groups were given a copy of the Blackpool Gazette and told to find a story they found interesting and to re-tell the story – to give a different perspective.

Interestingly both the morning group and the afternoon groups chose the same story  - It seems some stories just demand to be told.  The headliner read

“Help needed to curb dog dirt problem”

The morning group told an hilarious story which included the Dog Dirt Dance (you know the one, where you have to put in some fancy footwork to avoid all the dog muck down the street). 

The afternoon group also told a very funny story which was a mix of the dog muck story and the advert next to it for a local exercise class.   Whilst it was a funny performance, I’m really not sure if the exercise class they invented in the their story is really that much of a money spinner!

Everyone left feeling good about what they had created. With many in the group being quite surprised about how easy it was to create and perform a story.  One participant said

“I enjoyed it all.  The acting and the social aspect.  It’s been really great.” 

Perhaps my favourite comment came from one of the morning group attendees. 

“I feel really relaxed and I’m surprised by that.  The stuff we’ve done today has just helped me forget and relax.”

That of course is the magic of drama, of telling stories.  It’s a moment of being somewhere else, someone else and we can choose in that moment to simply forget about the world around us or to help us make sense of the world around us.  Either way it’s a moment we get to be ourselves and to relax.

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