Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Back on Track - Wordpool Wednesday

30th April 2014 - Week 1
Over the next 10 weeks two Arts for Health groups will work with artist Sharn from Test-Fox Studios on a project for Wordpool 2014 - The theme is to create a miniature world which, will be exhibited in Stanley Park Blackpool on the Wordpool Family Day Saturday 5th July - the theme links with the main Wordpool event theme of 'Giant' & in particular to a giant cloud installation idea to be created on the family day by the artist & visitors to the park - the additional theme for the group workshops is 'Water'  

Working with clay & mixed media we decided that a miniature world where the inhabitants would be either hiding and/or camouflaged also with a preoccupation for collecting rainwater in hand fashioned & unusual vessels would be our starting points juxtaposed with scenes of interest from the Alice in Wonderland Adventures & World folk tales - Very soon into the practical session of the workshop ideas began to flow & become richer by using snippets from American Indian culture in terms of dwellings and an interest in tribal inked finishes for the cupping hands - which incidentally link really well with the ideas of clouds & rain - I was so impressed how everyone really took to and developed the motif threads - I am very excited to be working with the groups & can't wait to see all of the the new clay creations 

Tiny tasters of typewritten text taken from tales and poetry containing clouds and rainwater to provide evocative & thought provoking intervals in-between making were dotted around the work tables & some of the group members have agreed to get involved constructing little Japanese Haiku poems over the next couple of sessions - just to help more ideas flow    

Cupped hands for collecting rainwater - when fired these will be glazed with tribal tattoo like images 
An earth mound dwelling
A Camouflaged/hiding mini world inhabitant
 A mini wishing well 
Beautifully modelled female faces waiting to peep from their own personal tepees 
Another camouflaged character 

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