Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Collections Project

Over the next 10 weeks the Arts for Health group will work with Arts Practitioner, Maggie McManus. Maggie works in a wide variety of mediums and has designed a project based on the collections show at Grundy Art Gallery, this exhibition displayed the personal collections of people local to Blackpool. 

In this project the group will focus on items from their own personal collections and work in a range of different mediums including printing, silk painting and textile collage. I want to create work which celebrates the idea of a collection by focusing on the multiplication of one object through surface pattern.

One of the collections displayed at Grundy was of badges, so to start the project off, the group created their own collaborative badge collection.
The Group's collection of badges
Using objects from 'classic' collections and objects from the Grundy show, the group started to play around with the idea of creating a pattern using objects with collage and tracing.
This pattern was created using flying ducks
which were featured in the Grundy show.
Week two
This week the group were asked to bring in objects from their own personal collections. We found that nearly everyone collected something, if not a lot of things! The group were great and very willing to share one or two objects from their collections for this project. I photographed the objects and then photocopied the images so that we had multiply images to play around with to make a print design.

I like the idea that we are designing wallpaper to surround a collection in  someones home.
Block printing lends its self well to a repeat pattern.

A printing block made from a
typewriter collection.
Working out a wallpaper pattern
using a collection of perfume bottles.

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