Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Arts for Health, Final Exhibition at Blackpool Central Library working on Brain Illuminations and the Dreamland theme, plus Projections for The Ice Cream and Dreamland Poetry Night with Jo Berry

Wow, what a wonderful amount of work all the participants from Arts for Health produced, marvellous. So much talent, so many exciting ideas, drawings, designs and amazing pieces of writing. I am so impressed with the groups exciting and open approach. Absolutely, fantastic.

It was great to meet so many interesting, intelligent and talented individuals and I am so pleased I was able to work with you all. A big thank you from me,  for being so open, trying out lots of new ways of making work and producing such high quality Artwork and writing.

Plus take a look at The Blackpool Arts for Health Presentation at No 5 Cafe as part of the Ice Cream & Dreamland Evening, hosted by the Deadgood Poetry Society at Cafe No 5 in Blackpool,  November 2013.

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