Monday, 21 October 2013

Dreams and Dada - Part Two - with Jo Berry and Vicky Ellis

For the second week of Dada and Dreams, on 9th October, we split the session between revision and creation.  For those who wanted to continue the work from the previous session, there was ample time to add extra touches, or continue a new piece in the same vein.  For those who wanted an extra burst of creativity, we used another improvisation excercise to get our language flowing.

In the first session we played a word association game.  This time, it was word disassociation, which is harder than it sounds.  Going round the circle in turn, the first person had to read out the name of something they could remember from a dream.  The next person then had to come up with something which had no relation to that word.  As you will see, this led to memorable combinations of words such as 'forensic chihuahua' and 'pineapple pig'. 

The inspiration for this game is the quote by Pierre Reverdy which is used by Andre Breton in his Surrealist Manifesto:

The more the relationship between the two juxtaposed realities is distant and true, the stronger the image will be--the greater its emotional power and poetic reality...
When we had our, seemingly unrelated, lists of words, we set about trying to find connections between them.  This was surprisingly easy and the imagining of a 'dandruff fork', used to scratch an itchy scalp, seems obvious now but at first glance made no sense at all.  I explained that when they are able to make connections between words which appear entirely unrelated, then they are beginning to think like surrealists.

Jo was on hand to help everyone turn their new words into more beautiful works of art and there were some strong visual narratives unfolding with the help of newspaper images and print as well as illustrations in ink, paint and pen.  Below is a small sample of the visual treats which were born of two incredibly creative sessions.

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