Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Small Worlds - Back on Track (Weeks 4&5) U Create (Weeks 1&2)

We were delighted to be joined by fairies and to see the unveiling of a papier mache balloon transformed into an exquisite crocheted and appliqued airship complete with festoons of flowers. Things really began to take shape this week!



Detail of crochet and applique work

Fairy Pod



It is wonderful to see the meticulously measured helicopter gradually taking shape. It was dreamt up in the first week and has been constructed entirely independently with great patience and accuracy. When we asked "You must have done this before?" the reply came "No"!

Some are working with 3D card models while others are working with papier mache, wire and fabric; some are working to intricate measurements while others are rolling up the sleeves and slapping on flour and water paste.

The morning and afternoon groups are working really well together. Both groups were absorbed in the process of making and problem solving and there was a lovely relaxed atmosphere. We have been amazed by the level of enthusiasm and work produced at each session, in between sessions and that family members are also getting involved! 



We plan to look at small scale characters and dwellings in the coming weeks and exploring the possibilities of bread!

Mouse run

Loaf house

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