Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Small Worlds - Week 2

The group continued to work on their pieces and it was lovely to see such varied and individual interpretations. The attention to detail, quality of draftsmanship and technical ability within the group is quite incredible. 

This week a few of members brought their own materials and it was great to see a cereal box turn into an incredibly detailed model of a helicopter. When we commented "You must have done this before?" the answer came "No, I haven't!" Wonderful to see hidden talents unfold.

Some worked in papier mache using paint and glitter while others experimented with fabric, creating cloth balloons and balloon slings. There was interesting wire work and imaginative cutting work. During discussions we discovered many of the group had a mutual love of Studio Ghibli films some of which feature small worlds such as in Laputa and Arietty.

There was a lovely sense of pride in the room and it was moving to hear one member of the group say " I don't normally make things but I am going to throw myself into this". 

Can't wait to see how things progress next week!

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