Tuesday, 22 January 2013


I'm Gemma Lacey, an artist that mainly works with print and often puts these prints into books. I enjoy responding visually to the feelings places can evoke in us. The photos show a piece called 'Shutter', a concertina folded double-sided woodcut print I made recently. It was made in response to an old Parsonage in Manchester. You can see more about this work and how it developed at my blog here. You can also see some of my other work here on my website

We start the year at Back on Track and U Create with a short printing and writing project lead by myself and the writers Suzanne Batty (Back on Track) and Vicky Ellis (U-Create). I think Suzanne and Vicky will introduce themselves as the projects unfold.

I'm very excited about this project, for my part we will spend 8 weeks exploring local textures and shapes around us inspired by Blackpool's North Pier to create relief plates in rubber and wood. We will also spend some time printing them in different ways to finally make an editioned book of prints -1 for each of us.

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