Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Relief 2

This morning we looked at how to design and cut a relief block. We used torn and cut black paper to create simple designs that we might feel less concerned about getting wrong on our first try. We transferred these to large erasers (purchased from Asda) and cut out the shapes with Japanese woodcut tools (we got ours from Intaglio a lovely specialist printing shop in London-  but basic lino cutting tools can be found in arts and craft shops all over the country including Granthams in Blackpool). People worked quietly and with focus, one participant said 'who would have thought spending a little time with a rubber and a knife could be so theraputic'! As it happened all the blocks turned out great. Once cut, the blocks were repeat printed to create rhythmic patterns and other images began to appear in the negative spaces.

After the session I took a walk down to the beach and got some photos of the North Pier's underbelly before it got too snowy, next week we will make and cut designs inspired by the North Pier into the other side of the rubbers.   

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