Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Writing workshops...

For our final workshops the group worked with the lovely local writer/poet Vicky was amazing what the group managed to achieve in such a short time. Each group member wrote a response to the 'Twilight Avenger', by Kelly Richardson still showing at the Grundy Art Gallery. Below is a group poem made from individual responses and the image below is one group members response to the piece.

A collaborative poem in the Japanese Renga form based on The Twilight Avenger by Kelly Richardson.

King of the Forest 
Vibrant, Spring explodes
Dressing the bare trees in green
Red fox looks for prey

Ghost-like, stag struts through the mist
Proclaiming his right to rule

Trees shimmer, ghostly
Majestic stag, haunted gaze
Silver in moonlight

Tawny Owl screeches, amber
Eyes gleam, weave their mystery

Blue forest, green stag
Fading light, not day or night
Slight breeze, antlers high

Stag’s home thick with trees enclosed
Forest stag waits, poised

Spring shoots through bare trees
Bright green grass sways so gently
Steam pours off life force

The haunting hoots of night owls
The lone stag finds his lost herd

Ghostly stag moving
Away from the eerie trees
The wood smells musty

My heart pounding in my chest
Breath coming out of stag’s nose

Stag in misty scene
Stag looking up to the sky
Moving through forest

Seeing butterflies on lake
Experiencing scene of calm

Summertime, the sun
Shone pale, watery yellow
Graceful stag standing

Stag is like cow in a field
Birds, moths and snakes in the grass

Blue sky in the night
Owl is waking in the dark
Wind looking for deer

Lie down happy in old sleep
Over to you – stag, night, dream

Although the course has come to an end due to popular demand we are continuing to meet up for coffee, one group member said, 'this is the only place i feel like me, i don`t know what i`ll do without it over christmas.'

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