Wednesday, 4 April 2012

looking forward

Morning: a small bustling group. An all women group taking the opportunity to share tips on relaxation, confidences and encouragement. Through the warm up sessions we made little books together, responding to each others marks, words and thoughts about how favourite places make us feel and what the project has given us. Some words form the books: relaxing, imagination, hope, peace and fulfilment.  We spent the morning working into photocopies with needles and awls to make mysterious books with raised picked lines hinting at what's inside.

Afternoon, taking inspiration form A Humament by Tom Phillips, we took this a step further by adding blocks of colour and lines of text from poems written during the project. We also worked into the monoprints from last week, piercing into the inky black surfaces to make delicate layers of image.

As last week, there were varied levels of engagement, energy and creative activity. By the end of the day 60 individual little books had been made to be secreted away inside the final copies.
'I've really enjoyed it, it's been very inspirational, I've not done art since school and feel I could do some at home now'
'It has been very therapeutic' 'I'm always glad I came, what will I do without it?'

Plans were made to meet in the cafe at 11 next week, and each week after, to catch up with each other and to be updated on the progress of the book publishing. Pictures of the book design style were handed around and news of cover design shared. People are looking forward to seeing their copy of the final book completed at the book launch.  The end of the project is just the beginning.

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