Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wordpool is on the horizon.......

I am really excited about the poet Terry Caffrey who will be working with the Arts for Health group during Wordpool........In Terry`s words this is what the next course will be all about...

"come meet terry caffrey a famous poet and writer and have fun with words and language.a short 2 hour session of poetry.where your spelling and your handwriting dont matter a jot.lets have a laff.get a drink of koffee and a biskit.with terrys helplets create something new thats ours to keep and lets do it in our brand new spanking library.a bright and friendly place.come and find out what its all about,its ok to be nosey,and with terrys help we can write a short poem or story or just listen."

We will be working with an exciting bookmaker emily speed , who will work with the group to create books out of the poetry.

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