Monday, 23 November 2015

Printmaking 'beak' books

As the printmaking course came to an end, participants experimented with mono printing, a quick and enjoyable process which can give great results. The only disadvantage being that as the name would suggest, you can print only one copy. The images worked well  alongside the lino printed and cut work 'beak' books which had been made in the preceding weeks and involved  more involved design and cutting out processes.

the last ceramics workshop

The last arts and health ceramics workshop took place today. Participants enjoyed the course and it was also 'time out' from everyday duties and responsibilities. Dishes and tiles influenced by a sea theme that have been made during the courses are being fired in batches - they certainly look transformed once the glazes reach their full potential in the firing process.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

ceramics continues to produce amazing results

The ceramics participants continue to find the course relaxing and enjoyable and the work they are producing shows the progress that has been made by all. The images of platters based on a sea theme speak for themselves. I am looking forward to seeing how the final pieces look once they have been glazed and fired.

Arts for Health printmaking finishes this week

As the stormy weather rolls in the printmaking group have been getting to the final stages of making their beak book. What is a beak book I hear you ask? Well, it is a small booklet folded in a diamond or 'beak' shape which enables it to stand upright so that a cut out image allows glimpses through to a printed image folded behind it. Not easy to describe but the pictures below show you some examples which participants have enjoyed making.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Guided by the artist Sharn from Test Fox Studios the Arts for Health pottery course  participants have been exploring a nautical theme using clay. The results  look very professional  which is impressive when you consider that many of the people on the course have not used clay before.  Texture tools in the form of rollers and hand tools have been used to create images inspired by the sea. The fish platter has been made using a press mould and incorporates lots of modelling and layering techniques. At the moment the clay has not been fired or glazed so it will be interesting to see how this changes the final look of the pieces that are made.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Autumn Arts for Health courses in Blackpool

The autumn arts for health courses are well under way now and participants are enjoying a diverse range of arts activities including printmaking, drawing, pottery and writing for wellbeing.

The printmaking course participants, guided by artist Sharn from Test Fox Studios are making small books in the shape of a birds beak, using a mixture of  lino printed images and paper cutting. Participants have reported that cutting patterns of their own design into the lino is a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

The learning to draw course in partnership with Adult Learning focused in week one on using charcoal to 'purposefully scribble'. This is a good way to experiment and resulted in some very varied and interesting images. The second technique group members learnt was blind contour drawing, the aim of which is to draw realistically rather than making an exact replica. The resulting images have an attractive quality and look quite animated.

The last course which starts on 18th November will be Painting.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Arts for Health at World Mental Health Day Dignity Event- Friday 9th October 2015

Artists Kate and Peter Caruana known collectively as Bonkers Clutterbucks were a creative highlight as part of the Dignity Day event at Blackpool Winter Gardens for World Mental Health Day.

The artists demonstrated how to make 3D hot air balloons to highlight the creative activity courses  run by Blackpool Arts for Health programme. These free courses are for Blackpool residents over the age of 16 who are feeling isolated, stressed or in need of support. They are run as small groups facilitated by professional artists.  The courses focus on exploring your creativity to improve your wellbeing. A changing programme of activities currently offers drawing, painting, pottery, writing and print-making.

Many thanks to Kate and Peter for a great demonstration. Over 2000 people enjoyed the event on the day thanks to the event organisers Richmond Fellowship.

For Arts for Health course information and booking telephone 01253 478033